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Angel Fish

Butterfly Fish

Tangs (Surgeon Fish)


Clownfish and Damsels

Gobies and Blennies


Grammas and Basslets

Miscellaneous marine fish

Inverts and Cleaner Crew


Marine Fish, Inverts & Corals

Choose a Category on the left to see current stock

The lists give an indication of our current marine stock, please note that this can change weekly!

If you will be travelling a long way to visit us for a specific fish/invert, please call the marine department first (01773 811044) to confirm that it's still in stock, and we can reserve the fish/invert until you arrive.

Please note that we do not ship livestock, but we can pack them for a road journey of several hours if necessary.


Hot Products

Seneye Reef Monitoring

Refractometer - for quick & accurate salinity measurement

Marine Salt

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