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Gobies and Blennies

- Current Stock, updated 12th August 2016

Blue Cheek Goby (Valenciennea strigata) pair
Chalk Goby
Dracula Goby
Green Coral Goby
Hasselt's Goby
Hector Goby
Neon Goby
Rainford's Goby
Randall's Goby
Shotsilk Goby
Spottail Shrimp Goby
Suntail Goby
White Tiger Goby
Yellow Coral Goby
Algae Blenny
Bi-Colour Blenny
Canary Blenny (Metacanthus oualanensis)
Midas Blenny
Pearly Jawfish
Rusty Jawfish
Purple Firefish (Nemateleotris decora)
Firefish - Indo (Nemateleotris magnifica)
Scooter Blenny
Flame Scooter
Pink Scooter

Spotted Mandarin (Synchiropus picturatus)
Mandarin (Synchiropus splendidus)


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Seneye Reef Monitoring

Refractometer - for quick & accurate salinity measurement

Marine Salt

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