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Fluval Cycle
Fluval Cycle
Fluval Cycle, Biological Aquarium Supplement (previously known as Nutrafin Cycle).

  • Reduces Fish Loss
  • Rapidly Establishes New Aquariums
  • Prevents Toxic Biological Conditions
  • New Highly Concentrated Responsive Formula

    Reduce Fish Loss
    Cycle's new, faster acting formula gets to work immediately to quickly reduce harmful ammonia and nitrite. This means you're far less likely to lose fish in a crisis.

    New Fluval Cycle has been developed using the latest advances in bio-technology and has achieved improved bacterial stability, higher activity levels and an ultra pure concentrated product for unparalleled consistent performance from every bottle.

    Technical Information:

    New Cycle features five times the biomass of the current generation (500mg vs. 100mg per litre), significantly increasing the speed at which these robust beneficial bacteria populate the aquarium as well as being able to immediately metabolise greater quantities of ammonia and nitrite. The new Cycle formulation has been supercharged and more readily adapts and responds to demanding conditions.

    Cycle is composed of 5 strains of nitrifying bacteria. In addition to this, heterotrophic bacteria are also included to complement the actions of the included nitrifyers by converting organic waste to inorganic (ammonia & nitrite) compounds for conversion to nitrate.

    Lab testing has clearly demonstrated new Cycle to be able to metabolise up to 40mg/L of ammonia in approximately 24 hrs. The new Cycle features a robust group of bacteria that are highly adaptive and responsive.

    Sizes: 30ml, 120ml, 250ml, 500ml

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