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King British Filter Aid (Safe Water)
King British Filter Aid (Safe Water)
Adding King British Filter Aid every week will help boost the nitrifying bacteria in the filter.

Formerly known as King British Safe Water.

Poor water quality is a major cause of stress in fish and can be fatal. Fish excrete ammonia through their gills and kidneys. Uneaten food & plant debris also decomposes, releasing ammonia, which is toxic to fish. Ammonia may be converted into nitrite, which is also toxic and may kill fish if left untreated. A build-up of organic compounds also promotes the growth of disease causing organisms in the aquarium.

This can be avoided by having a filter installed. As well as physically removing particles from the water the filter also houses nitrifying bacteria, which remove the dangerous ammonia and nitrite. The removal of these substances by bacteria is known as the ‘Biological Filter’, and is essential for a healthy, balanced aquarium.

How does Filter Aid work?

Step 1 – Bacillus bacteria breaks down organic matter in the filter and at the bottom of the aquarium.

Step 2 – Nitrifying bacteria convert ammonia & nitrite into nitrate.

Step 3 – Nitrate is a relatively harmless substance that can be absorbed by plants as food and is easily removed by regular partial water changes.

Sizes: 100ml, 250ml

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