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Tetratec GS45 Aquarium Glass Scraper
Tetratec GS45 Aquarium Glass Scraper
The TetraTec GS45 is highly effective at cleaning aquarium glass quickly and with minimal hassle. Built specifically for the removal of algae from aquarium glass, it consists of a hinged blade holder attached to a long, plastic handle, to enable glass to be cleaned easily, without the need to get wet. The GS45 safely uses replaceable blades, which are more efficient than traditional scourers at removing algae. Side protectors ensure that silicon sealant is not damaged during the cleaning process.

How it Works
The plastic handle of the GS45 is designed to float, so as to avoid it sinking if it is dropped. The blade-holder is hinged, so that it can be kept flat against the glass, even at awkward angles. The double-blade system means that algae is cleaned twice in one run, making its removal faster and more effective. Blades can easily and quickly be replaced, and a protective edging ensures that silicon seals are not damaged during the cleaning process.

How to Use
Simply use the GS45 as and when you need to, depending on how quickly the glass becomes dirty. In most cases, cleaning will only take a few minutes.

Price: £7.90
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