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Nishikoi Goodbye Blanket Weed
Nishikoi Goodbye Blanket Weed, 10 week treatment for 1000 gallon pond.

  • 100% natural - no chemicals.
  • With activated Barley Straw.

    The scourge of blanket weed
    Blanket weed is the biggest problem for most pondkeepers - it quickly covers the pond in a green slime spoiling enjoyment of the pond and blocking filters and pumps. But now Nishikoi have developed the perfect solution that works like magic!

    "Goodbye Blanket Weed" - a miracle of nature from Nishikoi
    "Goodbye Blanket Weed" is a unique patented bio-product with friendly, harmless bacteria and enzymes which eat the food that blanket weed lives on.

    With Activated Barley Straw
    Barley straw has long been the solution used by pondkeepers for blanket weed. "Goodbye Blanket Weed" also contains Activated Barley Straw which works in conjunction with the bacteria, accelerating the clearing of the blanket weed.

    Easy-to-use, no mess, no measuring
    Simply drop one water-soluble sachet of "Goodbye Blanket Weed" into the pond or filter every week. For best results the pond should be circulated or aerated by a pump.

  • Price: £18.99
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