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Fluval Eco Bright LED 15w (99-130cm)
Designed to bring a natural shimmering effect to any freshwater aquarium, the Fluval Eco Bright LED is a complete LED system with convenient remote control that allows you to replicate both natural daylight and moonlight to enhance the rich colors of your fish and plants.

Key Features:
  • Energy-efficient LED Lighting
  • Replicates natural daylight and moonlight
  • Infrared remote control: allows you to control the intensity of the light both manually and by preset levels
  • 120 degree light dispersion for full area coverage and uniform lighting
  • German Engineered
  • Extendable mounting brackets allow easy installation on a variety of aquarium widths
  • Extension range: 99cm to 130cm (39 - 51 inch)
  • Watts: 15W
  • Lumens: 1150 lm
  • Color Temp: 7500K
  • Total LED Count: 48
  • Lifetime Hours: 50,000
  • For Freshwater aquariums only

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  • List Price: £99.99
    Price: £79.99
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    Tetra Pond PlantaMin 250ml
    Tetra Pond PlantaMin, Liquid fertiliser for improving the growth and condition of aquatic plants.

  • Contains iron and other trace elements essential for the lush, healthy growth of submerged aquatic plants
  • Easily absorbed by the leaves
  • Ideal for underwater and floating plants
  • Free from phosphates and nitrate, so does not encourage algae
  • By encouraging healthy plant growth, PlantaMin can assist with natural algae control.

    25% off our normal list price while stocks last!

  • List Price: £8.20
    Price: £6.15
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