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Home » Aquarium Tanks & Stands » Bi Orb Aquariums & Accessories
BiOrb Service Kit
Fits all biOrb and biUbe aquariums.

Change every 4-8 weeks.

Price: £7.99
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BiOrb No Algae cartridge
Fits all biOrb and biUbe aquariums.

Clean water in 7 days.

Price: £7.80
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BiOrb Airstone

After a time the air stone can become blocked by calcification, especially in hard water areas, reducing the flow of air into the aquarium.

Replacing the air stone every few months will keep your aquarium bubbling away nicely.

Price: £1.60
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BiOrb Ceramic Media
Ceramic media for biological filtration in BiOrb and BiUbe aquariums.

Price: £8.95
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BiOrb Heater Stand
Heater Stand for BiOrb Aquariums.

Heater stand enables the fixing of a heater the curved inside of the biOrb. Although designed for use in the biOrb, the heater stand can be used in most aquariums if desired.

Price: £5.60
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BiOrb Heater Pack
An aquarium heater can be accommodated with the aid of the Reef One heater pack. The aquarium can then house small tropical fish.

The Heater Pack contains a 50 watt heater, glass thermometer, sample of tropical fish food and heater stand.

Price: £28.99
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BiOrb Magnetic Algae Cleaner
The new patented biOrb Algae Cleaner features:
  • Better cleaning results - unique blade design.
  • Easy to use and less damaging, and if the magnetic coupling is released it floats!
  • Suitable for any small aquarium, not just biOrb.

  • Price: £10.20
    Out of Stock
    BiOrb Air Pump
    Air Pump for BiOrb and BiUbe aquariums.

  • Safe low voltage
  • Virtually silent

  • Price: £8.99
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