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Komodo Habitat Lock
The Komodo sliding glass door lock is designed to work with all sliding glass door cages whether on all glass vivariums or traditional wood and glass construction.

All locks use the same key for convenient use with multiple cage set ups. This child proof lock will help prevent accidental openings and escapes. It comes with 2 keys and is very easy to use.

Price: £4.50
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Trixie Feeding Tweezers, 30cm
  • Ideal for feeding animals in a terrarium
  • also suitable for moving spiders and scorpions
  • stainless steel
  • flattened tips help prevent injury

  • Price: £8.99
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    Zoo Med Deluxe Sand Scoop
    Repti Sand Scooper, for spot cleaning terrarium sand substrates.

    New wide low profile “shovel” design for hard to reach corner areas.

    Price: £8.60
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    Trixie Aerosol Sprayer for terrariums
    Spray bottle 900ml, ideal for regular misting to increase humidity in terrariums.

    Price: £2.69
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    Trixie Aerosol Spray Bottle 1.5L
    Spray bottle 1.5L, ideal for regular misting to increase humidity in terrariums.

    Professional mister with a nozzle that adjusts from a coarse spray to a fine mist, with lockable trigger for longer spraying sessions. Ideal for larger or multiple terrariums.

    Price: £7.99
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