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Home » Pond Products » Pond Treatments » Pond Plant Fertilisers
Tetra Pond PlantaMin 250ml
Tetra Pond PlantaMin, Liquid fertiliser for improving the growth and condition of aquatic plants.

  • Contains iron and other trace elements essential for the lush, healthy growth of submerged aquatic plants
  • Easily absorbed by the leaves
  • Ideal for underwater and floating plants
  • Free from phosphates and nitrate, so does not encourage algae
  • By encouraging healthy plant growth, PlantaMin can assist with natural algae control.

    25% off our normal list price while stocks last!

  • List Price: £8.20
    Price: £6.15
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    API Pond Aquatic Plant Tabs
    Promotes lush plant growth.

  • Stimulates colourful blooms all season long
  • 25 tablets.

  • Price: £9.99
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    Laguna Plant Grow Fertiliser for Pond Plants
    Laguna "Once a Year" Fertiliser Pond Spikes x3.

  • Maximises the size & colour of all aquatic plants and flowers
  • Well-balanced feeding formula
  • Lasts one full year
  • Suitable for all pond plants
  • 3 individual spikes.

  • Price: £6.99
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    Pond Compost 20 L
    Aquatic Compost, 20 L.

  • For all pond, bog and marginal plants.
  • Added grit to give weight and stability.
  • Low in nitrogen to reduce algal growth.

  • Price: £7.99
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