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Home » Aquarium Fish Food » Fry/Baby foods
Hikari First Bites, 10g
Provide any newborn fish the exacting nutritional balance they require dring the earliest developmental stages of their life.

Price: £2.50
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Interpet Liquifry 1
Interpet Liquifry 1 for baby egg-laying fish.

Price: £3.99
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Interpet Liquifry 2
Interpet Liquifry 2 for baby live-bearing fish.

Price: £3.99
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Interpet Liquifry 3
Interpet Liquifry 3 Baby Plus fry growth food.

Price: £4.80
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FishScience Fry Food 20g
Powdered food for all baby fish, with Insect Meal.

  • Nutritionally balanced powder food for all fish fry.
  • Recreates the natural, insect based diet that fish fry would consume in the wild.
  • Specially formulated with insect meal to encourage feeding and easy digestion.
  • Supports growth and development in the early stages.
  • Contains natural ingredients to support colour development in young fish.

  • Price: £2.20
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    NT Labs Artemia Revolution, 30g
    Brine shrimp eggs without shells. For growing on to adult or for feeding, newly hatched, direct to fry or invertebrates.

    Price: £7.40
    Out of Stock
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