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Home » Aquarium Fish Food » Goldfish Flake foods
Aquarian Goldfish Flake
Aquarian goldfish flake food.

  • Complete balanced diet for goldfish - contains all necessary proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals.
  • Eagerly eaten, minimizing fish waste & pollution caused by uneaten fish food.
  • Enhances color.
  • Easy-open, easy-to-use can.

    Sizes: 13g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 200g

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    API Goldfish Flakes
    API® GOLDFISH FLAKES contains Menhaden and squid to provide essential amino acids that assist in your Goldfish’s optimal growth, and carotenoids to enhance their vibrant colours. Brewer’s yeast is also included to provide essential micronutrients, in addition to garlic for added palatability.

    API GOLDFISH FLAKES is designed for all types of Goldfish, and contain a unique, nutritionally-enhanced protein to ensure easy uptake of nutrients for maximum absorption. Fish more readily use the nutrients in our high-quality formula, and as a result, release up to 30% less ammonia than the leading competitor for cleaner, clearer water.

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    FishScience Goldfish Flake Food 20g
    A complete and nutritionally balanced diet for all goldfish.

  • Recreates the natural, insect based diet that goldfish eat in the wild.
  • Naturally enhances the colour of your goldfish using Spirulina algae, shrimp and purple carrot.
  • Specially formulated with Insect Meal to promote health and easy digestion whilst reducing waste.
  • Contains natural ingredients to promote your fishes health including Beta Glucans, garlic and omega 3 oils.
  • Does not cloud the water.

  • Price: £2.20
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    King British Goldfish Flake
    King British goldfish flake food with Immuno Health Booster.

    Complete and balanced diet, scientifically developed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of all coldwater fish.

    Sizes: 12g, 28g, 55g, 200g

    Price: £0.00
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    Tetra Goldfish Flake
    Tetra Goldfish Flake, complete flake food for goldfish. For clean, clear water and healthy fish.

    Sizes: 20g, 52g, 100g

    Price: £0.00
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    Wharf Aquatics Goldfish Aquarium Flake
    Complete Flake for Goldfish and other Coldwater Aquarium Fish.

    Sizes available: 25g, 50g, 125g

    Price: £0.00
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