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Home » Aquarium Accessories » Gravel Cleaners and Siphon Kits
Gravel Vac Aquarium Gravel Cleaner
Aqua One Gravel Vac, aquarium gravel cleaner designed for easy cleaning of aquarium gravel during partial water changes.

  • Cleans waste from aquarium gravel
  • Use as an aid to water changes
  • Easy to use - self-starting syphon feature

    Sizes available:

    Mini 5-9" narrow extendable tube
    Small 5" (12.5cm)
    Medium 10" (25cm)
    Large 16" (40cm)
    XL 24" (61cm)

    Sorry, 16" and 24" vacs are currently out of stock due to a supplier shortage.

  • Price: £0.00
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    Juwel Aqua Clean
    Juwel Aqua Clean, gravel substrate and filter cleaner.

  • Compatible with aquarium heights between 30cm and 60cm.
  • Simple intake of the water by means of Quickstart.
  • Including an adapter for cleaning the Juwel inside filter.
  • Safe operation by means of hose clips.
  • Including a shut-off valve.

  • Price: £19.99
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    Penn Plax Super Battery Vac
    Penn Plax Super Battery Vac BV-2, Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner.

    A super-fast, easy and reliable tool for stronger, more powerful cleaning action of aquarium gravel.

  • Telescopic locking extension tube (sufficient for aquariums up to approx 20" (50cm) water depth).
  • Nozzle and Algae Scraper attachments.
  • Can be used as a power siphon for water changes or with the reuseable filter bags.

  • Price: £19.99
    Out of Stock
    Aquarium Easy Siphon Set.

    With wide end cup for cleaning, grid to prevent fish being sucked up, approx 4ft (120cm) flexible tubing and siphon starter bulb.

    Price: £3.95
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