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TetraPond Floating Foodsticks
Complete food for all pond fish.

Sizes: 100g, 450g, 780g, 1200g (bucket), 1680g

Price: £0.00
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TetraPond Floating Koi Sticks
Complete food specially formulated for koi.

Sizes: 140g, 650g, 1100g, 1500g (bucket), 2350g

Price: £0.00
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TetraPond Variety Sticks
Mix of food sticks for a complete and varied diet.

Sizes: 150g, 600g, 1020g, 1650g (bucket)

Price: £0.00
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TetraPond Wheatgerm Sticks
Complete food for feeding during autumn and winter.

Sizes: 200g, 780g, 1400g, 2000g (bucket).

Please note that this product is not normally stocked during the summer months, but may be available to order.

Price: £0.00
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TetraPond Multi Mix
Tetra Pond MultiMix - Premium food mix for ponds with different sizes and types of fish.

Price: £0.00
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TetraPond Flake 180g
Complete flake food for all small pond fish.

Mixture of four types of flake for a varied, balanced, and healthy diet.

Price: £8.70
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TetraPond Goldfish Mix 140g
Premium food for goldfish, shubunkins, and comets.

Price: £6.99
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TetraPond Sterlet Sticks 580g
Complete food specifically formulated for the unique dietary needs of Sterlets and other sturgeon.

Price: £11.80
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