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TetraPond AquaSafe
Makes tap water safe for fish by removing harmful compounds and adding beneficial substances.

  • Contains special compounds that eliminate chlorine and chloramine, and bind up heavy metals.
  • Contains colloids that coat the fish, protecting them against infection.
  • Unlike most water conditioners, AquaSafe leaves no residues and is completely broken down to harmless substances.

    250 ml (treats 5,000 L / 1,100 gallons).
    500 ml (treats 10,000 L / 2,200 gallons).
    1L (treats 20,000 L / 4,400 gallons).

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    NT Labs Pond Mature
    NT Labs Pond Mature Live Filter Bacteria.

    Sizes available:
    250 ml size - treats 4,500 L (approx 1,000 gal)
    500 ml size - treats 9,100 L (approx 2,000 gal)
    1000 ml size - treats 18,200 L (approx 4,000 gal)

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    Waterlife Medizin P
    Medizin P treats a wide range of parasite infestations such as White Spot, Velvet, Costia, Trichodina and Cryptobia, in addition to fungal infections. Medizin P can also be used as a disease preventative, during Spring and Autumn.


    250ml - Treats up to 18,000L / 4,000 imp gal once
    (i.e. 3 day course for 6,000 L / 1,333 imp gal).

    500ml - Treats up to 36,000L / 8,000 imp gal once
    (i.e. 3 day course for 12,000 L / 2,666 imp gal).

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    Waterlife Myxazin P
    A broad spectrum bactericide which treats Fin Rot, Body Rot, Ulcers and other bacterial infections.

    250ml - Treats up to 18,000 L / 4,000 imp gallons once.
    500ml - Treats up to 36,000 L / 8,000 imp gallons once.

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    Waterlife Sterazin P
    Controls both body and Gill Flukes in pond fish. Safe with Orfe and Rudd, but should not be used with Sturgeon and Sterlets.

    Available in the following sizes (treatment volumes in brackets):
    250 ml (5 day course of treatment for 3600 litres / 800 gal).
    500 ml (5 day course of treatment for 7200 litres / 1600 gal).

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    Waterlife Parazin P
    One shot treatment for fish lice (Argulus), anchor worm (Lernea), water tigers (Odonata) and gill maggots (Ergasilus) in garden ponds.

    Available in the following sizes (treatment volumes in brackets):

    20 tablets (2270 litres / 500 imp gal)
    80 tablets (9200 litres / 2000 imp gal)
    200 tablets (22,500 litres / 5,000 imp gal)

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    TetraPond MediFin
    Effective treatment for most common pond fish diseases by Tetra.

  • Combination of active ingredients effective against bacteria, parasites, and fungi.
  • Broad spectrum of activity for best chance of recovery.
  • Supports wound healing by preventing secondary infections.
  • Harmless to fish, plants and filter bacteria.
  • Easy-to-use.

    250 ml (treats 5,750 L / 1,250 gallons)
    500 ml (treats 11,500 L / 2,500 gallons)
    1L (treats 23,000 L / 5,000 gallons)

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    NT Labs Koi Care Ulcer Swab
    Koi Care Ulcer Swab by NT Labs.

  • Cleans and Disinfects Wounds
  • Antiseptic Solution
  • Helps Heal Damaged Skin

    Cleans and disinfects wounded and damaged skin. A powerful yet soothing antiseptic solution for wounds and fish ulcers. Use NT Labs Koi Care Ulcer Swab on external bacterial infections such as Fish Ulcers, Fish Sores, Fish Tail Rot, Fish Mouth Rot and Fish Fin Rot.

    Recommended: Should be used with Wound Seal or Propolis to cover and seal the affected areas to prevent water penetration. Often recommended for use in Angling lakes when returning fish after catch.

  • Price: £12.70
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