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- Current Stock for sale, updated 25th May 2018

Red Eyed Tree Frogs 49.99
White's Tree Frogs 29.99
Northern Glass Frogs 39.99
Desert Tree Frogs 24.95
Orinoco Lime Tree Frogs 39.99
Blue Flanked Tree Frogs 39.99
Red Legged Running Frogs (Kassina maculata) 21.99
Senegal Running Frogs (Kassina senegalensis) 17.50
Painted/Marbled Reed Frogs (Hyperolius marmoratus taeniatus) 15.99
West African Dotted Reed Frog (Hyperolius guttulatus) 15.99
West African Lime Reed Frog 10.99
Spiny Leaf Folding Frogs 9.99
Asian Green Cascade Frog 11.99
Asian foam nesting frogs 29.99
Blue Poison Dart Frog D. tinctorius "Azureus" adult female 79.95
Asian Chubby Frogs/Banded bullfrogs (Kaloula pulchra) 11.99
African Giant bullfrogs 59.99
African Edible bullfrogs 70
Green Pacman frog 39.99
Ornate Horned Frog 69.99
Marine/Cane toad (Bufo marinus) 29.99

Alpine Newts (Ichthyosaura alpestris) 14.99
Marbled Newts 34.99 or 3 for 95
Spanish Sharp Ribbed Newts 14.99 or 3 for 40
Albino Axolotls 21.99 or 2 for 40
Natural Brown Axolotls 21.99 or 2 for 40
Natural Brown Axolotls XL 29.99

The amphibians listed above were available to buy as of the latest update above, please call the reptile dept direct on 01773 811499 if you would like to check whether a particular frog, toad, newt etc is in stock before travelling, or if you would like any further details.



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