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- Current Stock for sale, updated 22nd February 2018

Carrot Tail Leopard gecko 45
Hypo Carrot Tail Leopard gecko 45
Rainwater Albino Leopard geckos 45
Tremper Albino Leopard geckos 45
Tangerine Leopard gecko 59.99
African Fat-Tailed gecko 49.99
Common wonder gecko 49.99
Crested geckos, babies 59.99
Elegant Sand Geckos 19.99
Northern Sand Geckos 19.99
Tiger Thick-toed geckos 45
Dwarf Short Fingered Gecko 19.99
Fan Footed Gecko (Ptyodactylus ragazzii) 19.99

Bearded Dragons, babies 49.99
Bearded Dragon, Hypo Firetiger, het Translucent, one only 119.99
Moroccan Uromastyx 230
Baby Asian Water Dragons 29.99
Calotes Garden Lizards 15.99
Guatemalan spiny-tailed iguana 95
Oaxacan spiny-tailed iguana 59.99
Helmeted Iguana 250
Suriname Diving Lizards 59.99

Green Anoles 14.95
Flat Rock Lizards 49.99 each or 90 / pair
European Legless Lizard 110
Asian Long-tailed lizards 14.99

Egyptian Wedge-snouted Skink 19.99
African Fire Skinks 59.99
Forest Speckled Skinks 14.99
Timor Monitor 195
Freckled monitor lizard 335

Baby Veiled / Yemen Chameleons, C/B, females only 49.99

The lizards listed above were available to buy as of the latest update above, please call the reptile dept direct on 01773 811499 if you would like to check whether a particular lizard is in stock before travelling, or if you would like any further details.

C/B = Captive Bred, LTC = Long Term Captive



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