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- Current Stock for sale, updated 31st August 2018

Common Boa 90
Common Boas, babies 39.99
Boa Constrictor, Motley 149.99
Red Tail Boa x Common boa 150
Salmon Boa 150
Colombian Rainbow boa 95
Amazon tree boa 150
Pacific Ground Boa (Candoia carinata) 299.99

Royal pythons, normal 59.99
Irian Jaya x Jungle Python, female 175


Captive bred juvenile corns:
Amel (Amelanistic) corn 2017 49.99
Carolina/Classic cornsnake 2017 49.99
Hypo Lavender cornsnake, female 70
Lavender Stripe cornsnake, female 80
Opal Stripe corn, male 59.99
Florida Keys cornsnakes (Rosy Ratsnakes) 2016 39.95

Adult & sub-adult corns from 49.99
Adult Normal cornsnakes, from 45
Adult Snow Cornsnake 60
Adult Tessera Cornsnake 80

Rosy Rat Snakes (Florida Keys cornsnake), adults, proven breeders, 95 each, or pair for 180
Rosy Rat Snakes (Florida Keys cornsnake), 2016, 39.95
Grey Ratsnake, juveniles 29.99
Grey Ratsnake, medium 50
Grey Ratsnake, large 60
Yellow Ratsnake 60

Flowered Racer (Platyceps florulentus) 59.99
Eastern Garter snake 49.99
Chequered Garter snake 44.99
European Dice Snake 49.99
False Water Cobras C/B 159.99

C/B = Captive Bred C/F = Captive Farmed

The snakes listed above were available to buy as of the latest update above, please call the reptile dept direct on 01773 811499 if you would like to check whether a particular snake is in stock before travelling, or if you would like any further details.



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