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- Current Stock for sale, updated 9th November 2018

Half price clearance sale! All livestock 50% off prices shown from 31st October until stock is cleared.

Spiderlings ("slings")

Mexican Red Knee tarantula, spiderlings 11.99
Mexican Golden Red Rump spiderling 44.99
Mexican Giant Orange Knee tarantula, spiderling 23.99
Brazilian Black tarantula 52
Brazilian Fire Red Birdeater 11.99
Chile Gold Nugget 39.99
Colombian Pumpkin Patch tarantula 34.99
Curly Hair spiderling 6.99
Curly Hair spiderling, wild type 8.99
Black Fire birdeater 52
Giant White knee spiderling 8.99
Dominican Stripe Knee 26.99
Pumpkin Patch spiderling 29.99
White Striped Bird Eater 5.99
Grey Dwarf Tarantula 14.99
Borneo Black spiderling 23.99
Fringed Ornamental tarantula, spiderling 29.99
Dwarf Chestnut spiderling 7.99

Purcells Baboon spider 34.99
Penang Earth Tiger, spiderling 11.99

Grown-on Juvenile and Sub-adult spiders

Honduran Curly Hair tarantula 29.99
Purple Tree Spider 39.99
Colombian Giant tarantula (Megaphobema robustum) 54.99
Rusty bird eater, juvenile 59.95
Salmon pink bird eater 24.99

Adult spiders

Oklahoma brown tarantula 79.99
New River Rust Rump tarantula 59.99
Stripe Knee tarantula 39.99
Trinidad Chevron 34.99
Green Giant Pink Toe tarantula, female 94
Sazima's tarantula (mature male) 50
Thai Zebra tarantula 39.95

The spiders listed above were available to buy as of the latest update above, please call the reptile dept direct on 01773 811499 if you would like to check whether a particular spider is in stock before travelling, or if you would like any further details.



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