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  Aquarium Cabinets and Vivariums

Universal Cabinets Range

Wharf Aquatics’ Universal cabinets are available in a range of sizes and 108 different colours, so there is a variant to suit almost any décor or aquarium setup.

These cabinets are constructed from 18mm board, with the laminated finish of your choice for a durable wipe-clean surface. All boards are sealed with ABS plastic edging, not simply iron-on edges.

The colour range is available in matt/woodgrain finish, and gloss finish on certain colours. Selected solid colours can also be supplied in extra high-gloss finish (20% extra).

Various designs incorporating doors and drawers are possible. The height can also be adjusted for the perfect viewing level, or to accomodate external filters or sumps within the cabinet.

All size and colour options are available with either an open hood for suspended lighting (such as metal halides or LED fixtures), or a traditional bi-fold hood. The bi-fold hoods are fitted with a hinged flap at the front for easy access for feeding, etc, and a second hinge to allow the hood to be lifted fully for complete access.

See the Colour Pallette for examples of the range of colours available.

Universal range gallery now online.

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