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Cichlid Retailer of the Year 2017



American Cichlids

- Current Stock for sale, updated 18th November 2019

Aequidens pulcher (Blue Acara) - very nice w/c
Aequidens sp. "Electric Blue Acara"
Aequidens sp. "rivulatus" (Green Terror)
Amatitlania sp. Honduran Red Point "Rio Danli"
Amatitlania sp. Honduran Red Point "Rio Monga"
Apistogramma baenschi "Inka"
Apistogramma borelli
Apistogramma cacatuoides "Double Red"
Apistogramma erythrura, wild caught - males only
Apistogramma hongsloi
Apistogramma macmasteri "Rio Meta"
Apistogramma miua
Apistogramma nijsseni
Apistogramma panduro
Apistogramma trifasciata "Blue" (males only)
Astronotus ocellatus (Oscar)
Caquetaia myersi
Caquetaia spectabilis
Chiapaheros grammodes - one large pair only
Cincelichthys bocourti (Chisel-tooth cichlid)
Cleithracara maronii (Keyhole cichlid)
Crenicichla sp. "Alta"
Crenicichla lugubris "Atabapo Red"
Cribroheros robertsoni
Cryptoheros altoflavus
Cryptoheros sajica (T-bar cichlid)
Cryptoheros spilurus (Jade eye cichlid)
Darienheros calobrensis
Flowerhorn, Assorted Kamfas
Flowerhorn, Super Red Dragon
Geophagus braziliensis "Bahia Red"
Geophagus megasema - 2 XL males only
Geophagus steindachneri
Geophagus surinamensis
Geophagus sp. "Tapajos Red Cap", F1
Gymnogeophagus balzanii
Gymnogeophagus labiatus
Herichthys carpinte (Texas cichlid)
Heros sp. Green Severum
Heros sp. "Rotkeil" (Red Shouldered Severum)
Heros sp. Red Spotted Gold Severum
Heterotilapia multispinosa (Rainbow cichlid)
Hypselecara temporalis (Chocolate cichlid)
Hypsophrys (Copora) nicaraguensis
Krobia xinguensis
Laetacara dorsigera (formerly Aequidens) Red Breast Acara
Mesoheros festae (Red Terror)
Mesonauta festivus (Festivum, Flag cichlid)
Microgeophagus altispinosa (Bolivian ram)
Microgeophagus ramerezi (German/blue ram)
Microgeophagus ramerezi (Electric blue ram)
Microgeophagus ramerezi Gold
Nandopsis beani "Laguna El Camalote"
Nandopsis haitiensis
Nandopsis salvini (Tri-colour cichlid)
Nandopsis tetracanthus (Cuban cichlid)
Nannacara anomala
Parachromis motaguense "Rio Blanco"
Parrot Cichlids, Blood Red
Parrot Cichlids, Sunset
Rocio octofasciata (Jack Dempsey cichlid, electric blue gene carriers)
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey
Satanoperca daemon
Satanoperca jurupari
Teleocichla centrachus
Thorichthys elliotti / maculipinnis
Thorichthys meeki (Firemouth)
Uaru amphiacanthoides
Vieja argentea
Vieja hartwegi (Tailbar Cichlid)
Vieja regani

We also have a range of varieties of Angelfish and Discus in stock.

Note: Many of the American cichlid species listed above were originally known as "Cichlasoma" species, but have since been subdivided several times into smaller groups - the genus names are still being revised in some cases.

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