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Catfish Retailer of the Year 2017



L-Number Plecs

Suckermouth Catfish

- Current Stock for sale, updated 7th November 2018

Ancistrus sp. common bristlenose
Ancistrus sp. Longfin common bristlenose
Ancistrus sp. Long-Finned Gold Bristlenose
Blue-eyed Panaque
Chubby Pleco (Parancistrus aurantiacus)
L002 Panaqolus sp.
L004 Hypancistrus sp. (Angelicus plec)
L014 Scobiancistrus auratus (Sunshine / Goldy plec)
L015 Peckoltia vittata
L018 Gold nugget
L026 Baryancistrus niveatus (Snowflake plec)
"Golden Thunder" Royal Pleco, Rio Teles Pires
LDA031 Panaque albomaculatus
L046 Hypancistrus zebra (Zebra plec), captive bred
L052 Butterfly plec (Dekeyseria sp)
L066 Hypancistrus sp. King Tiger plec
L075/L124 Peckoltia sabaji (Big spot plec)
L090 Papa Pleco, Panaque sp.
L091 Leporacanthicus triactis
L097 Pseudacanthicus sp.
L106 Orange Seam plec (Hemiancistrus guahiborum)
L114 / LDA07 Pseudacanthicus leopardus
L116 Thresher Plec
L128 Blue phantom plec (Hemiancistrus sp.)
L160 Pseudacanthicus spinosus (Spiny Monster)
L172 Leporacanthicus heterodon
L191 Panaque sp. "Broken Line Royal" plec
L200 Baryancistrus demantoides (Green Phantom plec)
L201 Hypancistrus inspector
L202 Peckoltia lineola
L206 Panaqolus sp. (Clown Plec)
L240 Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias (Vampire plec)
L270 / LDA76 Tapojas/Chocolate zebra
L306 Panaqolus sp. (Red Tiger plec)
L310 Hypostomus cochliodon
L330 Panaque sp. Watermelon plec (L027a)
L333 Hypancistrus sp. Royal King Tiger plec
L401 Hypancistrus sp. Rio Curua Pleco

Also Bristlenose plecs and "common plecs" always in stock - please note that we do not sell juvenile common plecs, as there are always more than enough adults and sub-adults that need rehoming! If you want a hardy algae-eater, consider a Bristlenose plec instead, unless you have a very large tank.


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