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Cichlid Retailer of the Year 2017



Tanganyika Cichlids

- Current Stock for sale, updated 12th December 2018
We have a dedicated African cichlid room with almost 100 tanks!

Altolamprologus calvus "Zaire Black", F1
Altolamprologus calvus "Black Pearl"
Altolamprologus compressiceps "Red Fin"
Aulanocranus dewindti "Zambia Red" F1, spectacular colour
Callochromis pleurospilus "Kigoma", F1
Chalinochromis brichardi
Ctenochromis horei, F1, stunning fish
Cyphotilapia frontosa "Black Widow"
Cyphotilapia frontosa, Burundi
Cyphotilapia frontosa "Moba"
Cyphotilapia frontosa "Mpimbwe Blue"
Cyprichromis sp. "Jumbo Chituta Neon"
Cyprichromis sp. "Jumbo Tricolour Kipili"
Cyprichromis leptosoma "Blue Flash"
Cyprichromis leptosoma "Jumbo Kitumba"
Enantiopus melanogenys "Kilesa"
Julidochromis dickfeldi
Julidochromis marlieri
Julidochromis regani "Kipili" F1
Julidochromis sp. "Gombi"
Lamprologus brevis
Lamprologus lemairii
Lamprologus meeli
Lamprologus multifasciatus
Lamprologus ocellatus "Blue"
Lamprologus ocellatus "Gold"
Lamprologus ornatipinnis "Zambia", F1
Lamprologus signatus
Lamprologus speciosus
Lepidiolamprologus attenuatus, rarely seen
Lepidiolamprologus kendalli (aka L. nkambae)
Neolamprologus boulengeri
Neolamprologus brichardi (now synonomised with N. pulcher)
Neolamprologus buescheri "Kachese"
Neolamprologus cygnus
Neolamprologus cylindricus
Neolamprologus fasciatus
Neolamprologus leleupi "Uvira Orange"
Neolamprologus sexfasciatus "Gold"
Neolamprologus tetracanthus
Neolamprologus tretocephalus
Paracyprichromis nigripinnis Albino
Telmatochromis vittatus
Tropheus duboisi "Kigoma"
Tropheus moorii "Bemba orange"
Variabilichromis moorii


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