May 17, 2024

Aquarium Plants

Aquarium Plants

Aquarium Plants

Tropica plants and bunched plants

Available to purchase in-store only!

Below is a typical list of the aquarium plants we have for sale - however, due to our quick stock turnover, we still recommend phoning/emailing first if you will be travelling to visit us for a certain species!

To request specific plant species, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what you're after.

Current Stock for sale, updated 17/05/2024

Tropica Plants

Floating Plants - £5.99 each, 3 for £16.50, 6 for £31.50 or 10 for £50.00

Limnobium laevigatum (Amazon Frogbit)

Phyllanthus fluitans (Red-root Floater)

Salvinia minima

Pots and 1-2-Grow! Pots - £5.99 each, 3 for £16.50, 6 for £31.50 or 10 for £50.00

Alternanthera reineckii

Alternanthera reineckii "Mini"

Alternanthera reineckii "Pink"

Anubias barteri nana

Anubias barteri 'Petite'

Anubias gracilis

Bacopa caroliniana

Bolbitis heudelotii

Bucephalandra pygmaea 'Bukit Kelam'

Cryptocoryne 'Petchii'

Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Tropica'

Cyperus helferi

Echinodorus grisebachii 'Bleherae'

Echinodorus palifolius

Echinodorus 'Red Diamond'

Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis 53B'

Hygrophila pinnatifida 

Lagenandra meeboldii 'Red'

Limnophila sessiliflora

Ludwigia palustris 'Green'

Ludwigia palustris 'Super Red'

Ludwigia repens 'Rubin'

Micranthemnum tweediei 'Monte Carlo'

Microsorum pteropus

Microsorum pteropus 'Trident'

Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov'

Monosolenium tenerum

Pogostemon deccanensis

Pogostemon helferi

Rotala rotundifolia 'H'ra'

Rotala wallichii

Staurogyne repens

Moss in tub - £5.99 each, 3 for £16.50, 6 for £31.50 or 10 for £50.00

Taxiphyllum babrieri Bogor Moss'

Taxyphyllum sp. 'Spiky Moss'

Versicularia ferriei 'Weeping Moss'

Versicularia montagnei 'Christmas Moss'

Code '9' Plants - £11.95 each or 2 for £20.00.

Crinum calamistratum

Nymphaea lotus

XL Potted Plants - £23.95 each or 2 for £40.00.

Bunched Plants - £3.25 each or 5 for £14.00

Plants include Bacopa, Egeria, Saggitaria, Echinodorus, Microsorum, Rotala and more!