Pond and Coldwater Fish

Pond and coldwater fish room at Wharf Aquatics

Pond and Coldwater Department

Welcome to Wharf Aquatics Cold Water & Pond Department. Our new purpose-built pond and coldwater fish room was completed in the spring of 2004, to allow us to stock a wider range of pond and coldwater fish.

The pond and coldwater area contains 33 large tanks and 15 vats, along with a 9,000 gallon (about 40,000 litre) pond containing large koi.

We stock a range pond fish including goldfish, shubunkins, koi, orfe, rudd, tench, common, mirror and ghost carp, gudgeon, barbel, bream and sturgeon/sterlets.

For coldwater aquaria, we also stock a range of fancy goldfish in addition to standard goldfish varieties, shubunkins, etc.

We maintain a stock of coldwater fish year-round, and from spring through late summer we have new deliveries of pond and coldwater fish every week. See our stocklist section or contact us for more details

From around March/April to October, we also stock a wide range of pond plants for fish ponds and wildlife ponds.

In addition we stock a full range of pond equipment and accessories, including a wide range of pond foods for feeding your pond fish.