Tropical Fish

Tropical fish room at Wharf Aquatics

Tropical Fish Department

Welcome to Wharf Aquatics Tropical Fish Department. Voted Tropical Freshwater Retailer of the Year no less than six times in eight years by the readers of Practical Fishkeeping magazine, our multi-award winning Tropical Freshwater section houses over 500 tanks containing a wide variety of fish, from popular community fish to very rare and unusual species.

Wide range of Tropical Fish for sale

Tropical community fish

We always have a wide range of popular community fish for sale including many tetras, barbs, danios, gouramies, rainbow fish, guppies, platies, mollies, catfish and loaches.


We stock a huge range of cichlids including almost 100 tanks of African Rift Lake cichlids from Malawi and Tanganyika in a separate dedicated room. We also stock cichlids from central and western Africa, the Lake Victoria basin and South and Central American cichlids – including many rarely imported and hard-to-find species.

Aquarium Catfish

Catfish are also a speciality, with many rarer types often in stock. We always have a wide range of "L-number" plecs in stock, as well as a good selection of the popular Corydoras catfish and other favourites such as Synodontis.

Oddball Fish

We have established particular recognition for our stock of rare and unusual "oddball" fish, and there is always a good selection of these on offer for the fishkeeper that enjoys something a little different!

Most importantly, we have the experience to give the right advice on keeping fish with more specialist requirements, as several of our staff members have many years of first-hand experience keeping these fish at home.

Weekly Tropical Fish Deliveries

We have new deliveries of tropical fish every week from UK wholesalers and our own direct imports. We also stock good quality fish from UK hobbyist breeders.

Please see our Tropical Fish Stock Lists to see our huge range of fish.

We also stock a wide range of aquarium plants for your tropical aquarium.