November 03, 2022

Fish Health in an Aquarium or Pond

Fish Health in an Aquarium or Pond

If you have a fishkeeping problem, we don't recommend that you simply add chemicals to your tank or pond without obtaining specialist advice. Diagnosing diseases or other problems in fish is not always easy, even for experts.

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A frequently overlooked factor is water quality. This is responsible, both directly and indirectly, for many of the health problems encountered. There is little point in adding medications and other products if you are missing an underlying water quality issue. Here at Wharf Aquatics we carry out water testing for our customers and we can give advice on how to correct any water quality problems detected. We also sell a full range of test kits so that you can monitor the water quality in your tank or pond. Such tests are an essential first step in diagnosing many problems.

We can also carry out harmless "scrapes" on pond fish and certain other large fish, enabling us to carry out a FREE microscopic examination for parasites. If they are found, we can recommend the appropriate medication to treat them - rather than just handing you a bottle of medication in the hope that it might treat whatever your fish might be suffering from.

Often, the most obvious symptom, such as fungal or bacterial growths, may not be the real problem - these are often secondary infections, caused or aided by a water quality problem, parasite infection, or other stress factor. This is why we would prefer to discuss the nature of any problems you are having, rather than simply hand you a bottle of medication.

A few things to remember...

  • Please do not purchase fish for your tank or pond without ensuring the system is ready to accept the fish. If you need information about setting up and stocking your new aquarium or pond, please take a few minutes to read our Beginners pages.
  • Stress is a major factor in fish health. Just like humans and other animals, fish suffer more health problems when subjected to stressful conditions. Stress factors for fish can include poor water quality, bullying by other fish, sudden changes in their environment, and so on.
  • Many medications can have side effects. This is particularly true if multiple medications are used, or if they are used in the wrong circumstances or on the wrong species. It is likely to do more harm than good to add lots of different medications to a tank or pond without knowing exactly what the problem is.