Eheim Thermocontrol Aquarium Heater 300w


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Eheim Thermocontrol Aquarium Heater

The Eheim thermocontrol aquarium heater was formerly known as the Eheim JŽñger aquarium heater. These are extremely efficient, ultra-modern electronic thermal devices for heating your aquarium. There are 9 heaters in the range, which come with many features, are suitable for aquariums from 20 to 1000 litres.

Power Aquarium Size Dimensions (length x diameter)
25w 20-25L 243mm x 36mm
50w 25-60L 243mm x 36mm
75w 60-100L 270mm x 36mm
100w 100-150L 319mm x 36mm
125w 150-200L 319mm x 36mm
150w 200-300L 345mm x 36mm
200w 300-400L 406mm x 36mm
250w 400-600L 452mm x 36mm
300w 600-1000L 506mm x 36mm

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