Reef Zlements Se-Selenium 150ml


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Reef Zlements Se-Selenium

Selenium is a trace element present in small quantities in the seawater of reefs all around the world.

Selenium is a very important trace element that kept in small concentrations has positive impacts on coral skeleton calcification, health and coloration along protecting the corals from oxidative compounds. To maximise its benefits Selenium should be used in conjunction with VitaPlus.

It is important to check Selenium levels through ICP analysis and ensure adequate levels and stability by dosing the Selenium supplement as needed.

Naturally, Selenium in seawater varies depending of depth and region but, its concentration normally doesn't go above 0.8 µg/l.

Selenium used in conjunction with a regular testing procedure, allows any reefer to make corrections to Selenium levels ensuring the levels in their tank water stay within the best range for their friends

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