Kockney Koi Pond Medic Bactacide 1000ml (1ltr)


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Pond Medic Bactacide


Switch off UV Steriliser.  Measure the correct dose.  Fill a clean watering can with pond water and then add the measured amount of Kockney Koi Pond Medic Plus Bactacide.  Slowly apply to the pond over a 1 hour period, this will prevent shocking the pond. Do not turn on UV steriliser until the course is complete.

Dosage:  Use 10ml per 682lt (150 Gallons) of pond water. Repeat dose once per week for a maximum of 3 weeks.


· Calculate your pond volume accurately (DO NOT GUESS).  To calculate your pond volume accurately see our website www.kockneykoi.co.uk 

· Monitor your fish during all treatments.  DO NOT treat last thing at night, the day before you go on holiday or just before you go out.

· Aeration is essential during treatment.  If necessary, use an additional air pump

· Filtration should be maintained at all time

· Switch off Ultra violet filters during treatment.

· Do not overdose.  

· Do not use in conjunction with any other medications.

If in doubt seek advice from your local dealer or alternatively use the Helpline number provided.

Health & Safety

· Avoid contact with skin and eyes.  In case of contact rinse well with plenty of water and seek medical advice immediately.

· Do not swallow, seek medical advice immediately if swallowed.

· Wear suitable protective goggles, clothing and gloves when using.

· Keep out of reach of Children & Pets.

· Keep bottle closed when not in use.  Store between 2°c and 30° C (DO NOT FREEZE)

· Will stain Skin and Clothing.


Do not dispose of in drains or watercourse.  Empty container completely and dispose of safely.  Dispose empty container in dustbin.  Dispose of unused product, in its original container at a household waste site.  Contact your local authority for details.

Available in the following sizes: 250 ml, 500ml & 1 litre.

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