Colombo Flora Base Pro Fine 1 L


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Flora Base Pro Fine

FloraBase Pro is a unique base, made in Japan. The pellets remain their shape and do not disintegrate. FloraBase Pro is rich in nutrients the open structure provides for healthy roots. FloraBase Pro reduces and stabilizes the pH-value to 6. With a pH of 6 there is a sufficient amount of CO2 available for healthy plant growth. The CO2 level of the water is of great importance for optimal plant growth. In the chart you can see that the CO2 absorption at a pH-value of 6 is approximately 80%. When the pH-value is higher, the absorption decreases significantly. Starting a new aquarium is much easier when FloraBase Pro is used. When the pH is under 7, the ammonia excreted by fish will form as ammonium instead of the toxic ammoniac. You can make your base by using solely FloraBase Pro, in this case there is no need to cover the FloraBase with gravel. Or use NutriBase and cover this with a layer of FloraBase Pro to provide a maximum amount of nutrients for plants. For example Shrimps and Discus fish prefer a pH-value around 6. These animals love FloraBase Pro!

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