Dennerle Plant Care Basic Root 10pcs


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The universal root fertilizer as a start-up aid and for top-up fertilizing

Plant Care Basic Root is the universal clay-based nutrient depot for all aquarium plants that prefer to absorb their nutrients through the roots. It helps newly planted plants to grow, while older plants are given fresh vigor.

Safe start for newly established aquaria

The growing phase is a difficult time for any aquarium plant: it has to completely rebuild its root network and get used to the new water and soil conditions. The fertilizer balls ensure that newly planted aquarium plants grow securely and vigorously right from the start. Iron and important trace elements promote root formation so that the plant can quickly anchor itself in the substrate. A specially formulated nutrient complex helps the plants to adapt more quickly to the new site conditions.

Fresh growth for older aquaria

The substrate of every aquarium becomes depleted of nutrients over the years. At the latest when the resulting growth problems can no longer be remedied by normal fertilization via the water column (foliar fertilization), the substrate should be regenerated. Plant Care Basic Root replenishes the soil's nutrient reserves in a targeted manner. It closes the nutrient gaps that inevitably occur as an aquarium ages, especially in the area of vital trace elements.

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