Dr Tim's Aquatics One & Only 16oz (475ml)


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One & Only

Use One & Only when setting up a new tank, after a water change, cleaning your filter, when adding new fish and after a disease treatment to control ammonia and nitrite. Use as directed.

  • Instantly create a bio filter
  • Remove toxic ammonia and nitrite, naturally
  • No sulfur or other offensive odours
  • No wait needed
  • 100% natural

The key to setting up a successful aquarium is to quickly convert the fish waste to a non-toxic form before it builds up to toxic levels. This process is done by nitrifying bacteria. Under normal conditions, it can take 30 to 45 days for these bacteria to become naturally established in a newly set-up aquarium. Unfortunately, during this time period, ammonia and nitrite can increase to levels toxic to fish - a common problem called New Tank Syndrome. Our nitrifying bacteria are the result of the latest scientific research and are used by public aquariums and professionals around the world to control ammonia and nitrite.

Dosage: 10 ml per 40 L of aquarium water.

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