FishScience Goldfish Floating Soft Pellets 45g


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FishScience Goldfish Floating Soft Pellets

A high quality, nutritionally balanced diet for all goldfish kept in aquaria or ponds.

  • High quality floating soft pellet food specifically formulated for all varieties of goldfish.
  • Recreates the insect based diet that goldfish would naturally consume 2mm soft pellet for improved acceptance and digestion.
  • Naturally enhances the colour of your goldfish using shrimp, krill, Spirulina algae and carrot.
  • Naturally supports the immune system using garlic and beta-glucans.


Vitamin A 23,460 IU/kg,
Vitamin D3 1,400 IU/kg,
Vitamin C 425 mg/kg,
Vitamin E 100mg/kg,
Beta-Glucans 480mg/kg


Insect meal, cereal, herring meal, wheat germ, Mycoprotein, shrimp meal, krill meal, garlic, Spirulina algae, carrot.

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