FishScience Mini Algae Wafers 45g


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FishScience Mini Algae Wafers

A complete and nutritionally balanced sinking wafer food for Plecostomus, Mbuna cichlids and all algae eating aquarium fish.

  • Contains 14% spirulina algae to vegetables to meet the dietary requirements of herbivorous fish.
  • Specially formulated to promote health, easy digestion and long life.
  • Wafers don't dissolve to allow natural grazing behaviour.
  • Naturally enhances the colour of your fish
  • Contains natural ingredients to promote your fishes health, including Beta Glucans, garlic and omega 3 oils.


Vitamin A - 24,000IU/kg

Vitamin D3 - 4,000IU/kg

Vitamin E - 300mg/kg

Vitamin C - 120mg/kg


FishScience Mini Algae Wafers are made from vegetable protein extracts, cereals, yeast, spirulina algae, fish and fish derivatives, vegetables (spinach), garlic, plankton, molluscs and crustaceans, fish oil, antioxidants.

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