Oase Underwater Filter - Filtral 1500 UVC


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Oase Underwater Filter

Compact all-rounder for small ponds, to supplement a filter system, or suitable for decorative pools such as zinc tubs or barrels. The compact underwater filter with UVC technology for sterilisation also has the option for various water fountain attachments and an aeration nozzle from the Filtral UVC 3000 onwards. Four different filter materials ensure clear water.

  • MULTI-TALENTED: With filter function, water feature and aeration nozzle (aeration nozzle included in delivery, from Filtral UVC 3000)
  • GUARANTEED: Includes OASE clear water guarantee
  • ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable Y-distributor, for operating water spouts or small watercourses
  • CONTROL SYSTEM: Individual adjustments of water flow and fountain height
  • CONCEALED: Installation completely underwater – ensuring that the overall appearance of the pond remains undisturbed
  • OVERVIEW: Thanks to UVC clarifier with optical function check

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