Reef Zlements Mn-Manganese 150ml


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Reef Zlements Mn - Manganese

Manganese is present in all reefs around the world, being an important element for animals and plants in our aquariums.​

Being a cofactor to many enzymes, it has a strong role in the metabolic processes of almost all organisms.​

Manganese has been known to have a positive impact around the oxidative processes in organisms.​

Manganese gets depleted from the water in our tanks very quickly. Therefore, it is important to check its levels through ICP analysis, ensuring adequate levels and stability by dosing Manganese as needed.​

Manganese in seawater is around 1-2µg/l.​

Manganese Zlement used in conjunction with a regular testing procedure, allows any reefer to make corrections to Manganese levels, ensuring the levels in their tank water stay within the best range.​

​1 ml of Manganese Zlement increases the Manganese concentration of 100 litres by 2 μg/l.

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