Reef Zlements Z-PhosPlus 500ml


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Reef Zlements Z-PhosPlus

Phosphorus is an extremely important element in micro fauna and coral nutrition. If present in adequate quantities, it will promote biological filtration along with improved colouration and health of corals.

For bacteria and other microscopic organisms to assimilate Carbon and Nitrogen, Phosphorus is required in adequate amounts.

​With the increased efficiency of filtration systems, low and ultra-low nutrients aquariums are becoming more and more common. These systems are often Phosphorus depleted. If a system is nutrient depleted, it will mean that biological filtration won’t happen as efficiently as it should and nutrients like NO3 are likely to rise and become pollutants, unless other forms of filtration are employed.

Z-PhosPlus support microbial growth and reproduction and will improve biological filtration by allowing microscopic plankton and bacteria to consume Carbon and Nitrogen. These bacteria can then be exported via mechanical filtration or used as food by other organisms in our aquariums, like sponges, corals, clams, tunicates, etc.

Z-PhosPlus is a natural source of PO4 that can be dosed to the aquarium in a controlled manner in order to achieve ideal PO4 levels. Reef Zlements recommend to use Z-PhosPlus to achieve PO4 levels of around 0.04 mg/l.

Before dosing Z-PhosPlus we recommend the use of reliable and precise Phosphate test kits to determine the levels of Phosphate in the aquarium.

1ml of Z-PhosPlus will increase ~0.01ppm of PO4 in 100l of aquarium water.

Once Phosphate levels are determined, Reef Zlements recommend only increasing 0.01-0.02ppm of PO4 per day by dosing the required amount and waiting 24h to test PO4 levels. This procedure should be repeated until the desired levels of PO4 are achieved.

If PO4 is dosed and after 24h both NO3 and PO4 levels don’t start dropping, your system may be carbon limited.

Sizes available: 250ml, 500ml, 1L

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