Tropica Premium Nutrition 300ml


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Tropica Premium Nutrition Universal Fertiliser

  • Contains iron, manganese and vital micro nutrients
  • Does not contain nitrogen and phosphorus
  • Suitable for aquariums with few or slow-growing plants and many fish.

Sizes available: 125ml, 300ml, 750ml

How to use the product

Premium Fertiliser is added each week when changing the water. A dispenser is used to ensure an accurate dosage. The fertiliser is forced up into the fertiliser chamber by a single press on the dispenser.

Tropica recommend 5 mL per 50 L water per week, but recommend that this is set in accordance with plant requirements. For example, light leaves often indicate lack of nutrition, but can also be due to poor growth. Echinodorus bleheri is a typical example of a plant that often suffers from lack of micro-nutrients. Regular dosing with Premium Fertiliser can restore green and luxuriant leaves. Note, however, that Premium Fertiliser is a fertiliser and not a medicine for dying plants.

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